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Enrich your child's life with a life-long skill. Simply Music play-based method is for all ages and experience.

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Learn to play the easy way. It's true that anyone can learn to play - in a similar way we all learned to speak! Call me on 0401 686 023

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Free Introductory Session

Piano with Rebecca hosts introductory sessions for anyone who would like to understand more about this breakthrough Australian program: Simply Music.

We will show you the difference between the traditional reading-based method and why the Simply Music play-based method is so amazingly unique and how it would suit anyone from beginners to even those who can read sheet music.

More details, please phone Rebecca on 0401 686 023

"Learning to play the same way we learn to speak!"

Piano with Rebecca are now taking students for Music lessons. Simply Music is a playing based method that is gives everyone the opportunity to learn to play and have a companion for life.

0401 686 023

In the same way that we all learn to speak years before we learn to read and spell, Simply Music Piano temporarily delays music reading and immerses students in the experience of immediately playing great-sounding music.

We do this so successfully by introducing students to an array of unique playing-based concepts that unfold directly onto the keyboard. 

The result of this is that students quickly, easily, and naturally are playing a solid foundation

of 35 to 50 beautiful pieces, and this is typically acquired over the first year or so of lessons.

Thereafter, our unique approach to music reading is introduced. We love that our students become strong readers and we love our unique approach of how we teach students to read. We also love the fact that we don't introduce reading from the very beginning – it's the future of music education, and it's a far more natural approach.


Short Biography

I was about 9 years old when my mum bought our first piano. She understood that music was important and tried to teach her five children. I was the only one that persisted and was taught the traditional way, the only method available those days.

My teacher taught me not to watch my hands in order to achieve the skill of being a good sight reader. I enjoyed learning and playing the piano and over the years was able to complete my AMEB up to grade 6. I have always played for my local church. During my teens I considered becoming a music teacher but as I grew and had a family it was a goal that for many years remained untapped.

In researching piano apps for one of my daughters I finally discovered Simply Music, and I was very impressed. It made so much sense and I knew immediately that this was something I could teach well. Simply Music is an amazing program where everyone will love playing, progress very quickly and experience a music companion for life.


Some essential information

Simply Music Piano is designed to maximize the likelihood of students acquiring and retaining music as a lifelong companion. Our program is designed so that students:

  • Experience playing as a natural self-expression
  • Play a broad repertoire of music that includes accompaniments, blues, classical, contemporary, jazz, and much more
  • Learn to "self-generate", i.e. progress independently as musicians, and develop a strong foundation in music reading and theory
  • Have a highly positive, self-affirming experience

Our music studio is located at 28 Rose Terrace, Spencers Brook, WA, five minutes from Northam. Ample street parking is available.

This will depend on a few things. We like to ask a few questions first to have an idea of who will be learning the piano, why they are wanting to learn, and then provide the optimal learning experience possible.

♫ Lessons start at $38 per 30 minutes    
♫ Family discounts are available
♫ Group lessons available

No. Simply Music is a playing-based method which teaches the piano first before the reading experience happens. Like a child a learns to speak before they learn to read.

Not at first! This method comes with student home materials that assist in the learning at home. We provide a practice pad to assist learning in the initial stages. However, we can advise the type and requirements of the piano/keyboard that will be essential in your music journey.

Here are some things to consider:

• Do you want a keyboard or a piano? This may be determined if your student will continue with lessons, you may want to look at hiring for a short period of time first.

• Do you have room for a piano? Piano’s can be expensive as they need to be tuned regularly and are heavy to move. You may require a technician look over the piano if you are buying second-hand.

• Where are you going to put it? Remember that as a student you are required to practice regularly and to have the piano next to the tv may not work. Provide a quiet but positive area in which it will suit the activities of the household.

• How much can you afford to spend? There are many types of keyboards, digital pianos and normal pianos in a full range of price. Go to a shop and just play on what is there to have an understanding about the feel, weight and options that a keyboard or digital piano may provide. Take your time and be pleased with the final purchase.

• Here’s what to look for:
• Minimum of 61 regular sized keys (full sized have 88)
• A sustain pedal (not a sustain “button”)
• Touch sensitive keys
• A good solid adjustable stand
• Adjustable stool 

You will require an internet connection to access your student home materials.

Student home materials are purchased as required during the learning process. They range from $8 to $35 per unit. Please visit the Simply Music website for additional information.

Piano with Rebecca using Zoom


We've initiated tuition by Zoom for those throughout the Wheatbelt regions who may otherwise have to travel significant distances for weekly lessons.

This service has proven to work well. Rebecca will assist you in ensuring that the default Zoom audio settings are changed to allow both voice and piano to be clearly heard.

You will need an internet connection, and a tablet and/or a mobile phone. Note that in the photo on the left, the student is using both a tablet, and a mobile phone camera which views the piano keyboard. You will need to make an audio adjustment to Zoom. Follow these simple setup instructions.

Call Rebecca today to discuss what might work best for you!

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